Therapy and counselling in English

I am a creativity psychologist, narrative therapist, psychotherapist working within the scope of what analytic psychology of Carl Gustav Jung offers. I am also a coaching supervisor.

I chose to study psychology at the University of Silesia and soon became interested in the mysteries of creative entities. My Master thesis was all about anxiety in the creative process, and for that I interviewed one of the most successful painters in Poland, Professor Jacek Rykała.

I studied Gender & Culture at the Central European University in Budapest. When I came back to Poland after receiving a yet another MA with merit, I received my interdisciplinary PhD diploma (literary feminist criticism + psychoanalysis + cultural studies).

My next step was studying psychotherapy. I set up my psychotherapy practice and at the moment I am pursuing my analytic path in the Polish Association for Jungian Analysis.

I am also a published author of numerous academic publications (also international).

I am happy to work globally now, over Skype, FaceTime or face to face in my office in Katowice, Poland.

Creativity is an important part of our being in the world. It makes us feel fulfilled and lets us express our unique personality. Yet in everyday life we might find it very difficult to create in the middle of things, under pressure or in the midst of personal upheavals.

You must learn how to create in the middle of things.

You must learn how to create when wars are raging and when your hormones are raging. You must learn how to create even if you hate your country's policies or your own painting style. You must learn how to create even if you are embroiled in a bad marriage or living alone and lonely. You must learn how to create even if you work eight hours a day at a silly job or, sometimes worse, find yourself at hime all day with time on your hands.

If you wait for a better time to create, better than this very moment, if you wait until you feel settled, divinely inspired, perfectly centred, unburdened of your usual worries, or free of your own skin, forget about it. You will still be waiting tomorrow and the next day, wondering why you never managed to begin, wondering how you did such an excellent job of disappointing yourself.

Eric Maisel

I work with approaches that make my clients learn new ways of reaching their dreams and goals, embedded in my respect for their values and meanings.
My clients work through desirable change during the process of making honourable meanings in their life and acknowledging their creativity in unique ways.